2022 Ocean Calendar tide chart for Victoria


The Ocean Calendar Tide Chart for Victoria shows tides and daylight hours to scale. It uses official BOM data for Port Phillip Heads and is pre-adjusted for daylight savings. It is accurate for ocean beaches from Cape Otway to Wilsons Promontory.

It contains for information for avid ocean sports lovers and is easier to read for casual beach users.


The 14-month Ocean Calendar tide chart is the only tide chart that displays tide and sunlight data to scale so everyone can read the tides with ease. All times are pre adjusted for daylight savings. Each 12-month calendar has six months to a side and comes with November and December of the previous year on the back of the cover.  Official Bureau of Meteorology and National Tidal Centre data is used. Moon phases and full moon rise and set times are also included.

The Ocean Calendar tide chart makes it easy to plan trips to the beach. Surfers, anglers, swimmers, joggers, rockpool ramblers and beachcombers all love the Ocean Calendar.

Victorian calendar uses BOM data for Port Phillip Heads and is accurate for ocean beaches from Wilson’s Promontory to Cape Otway and for King Island.

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